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     Your garden plants and plants around the house are considered fixtures and fittings. You will more then likely want to take if not all, at least some of them along with you when moving to a new home. But how do you properly prepare plans for the move?

    When it comes to pot or indoor plants things are a little bit easier. Prune away any dead wood and shape them into a more portable shape/size by wrap the tops with a newspaper or something similar. Every plant or flower is different so take your time.

     It is important to keep your plants well watered at all times yet not letting them drown! Now just need to figure out how to that without creating a mess. Luckily the industry has came up with something know as polymer water absorbing crystals.

    Polymer crystals are one of those special items that are almost magical – in the sense that they have the ability to absorb moisture many times their size. These water absorbing crystals have successfully been applied in many applications. Florists use polymer crystals as a dirt-free way to store water and to keep plants fresh and well watered for a long time.

     Now that potted plants and flowers are taken care of you need to prepare the garden greenery for the move. You might be glad to know that there is just a little bit more effort required compared to potted plants. In fact all you have to do is carefully dig the plants out, rinse of any loose soil either via shake or a quick swish in a bucket of water. Wrap the roots in a moist (not dripping wet) paper towel, add spoonful or two of hydrated polymer crystals, and wrap the roots using plastic bag or a short length of plastic sheet. Wrap the tops the same way as above and your done.

    This should keep your precious plants well packaged and well watered for a few days provided you don’t roast them. However it is in your best interest to replant them as soon as you can. It is recommended that you mix in a bit of root growth fertilizer such as bone meal or phostrogen to improve adaptation to new environment. And lastly the single best thing you can do for your plants is to give them enough water. Adding polymer moisture crystals is an effortless way to give your plants an extra water supply.