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Furniture Removals Solutions is a family run business based in Northwest Industrial Estate – Dublin 15 and moves anyone anywhere within Ireland and UK. We specialise in anything related to home moving and can organise full or part loads or even delivery of single items locally or nationally.

Furniture Removals

At Cheap Removals, we understand just how important furniture is to feel quickly at home in a new house or apartment – but we also know just how tedious those neverending trips to the van outside with every piece of furniture you own can be.

This is also usually the point where that dresser that managed to fit through the front door without any problems whatsoever five years ago suddenly seems to have grown in size and quadrupled in weight. Yes, we’re sure that you could do it all yourself, but as anybody who has ever removed every item from a house will testify, it’s certainly not an easy or enjoyable job.

Whether your furniture is old, new, large or small, our trained professionals hand every piece of furniture with the utmost care to ensure that they go into your new place exactly how they left the old – we’re even fully insured just to make sure.

Our staff will ensure that your furniture is not only well packed but safely and securely stored in one of our removal vans. We’re proud to say that we’re not one of those removal companies where you’ll be inspecting your own furniture for knocks and chunks taken out through carelessness. The items that we transport from A to B are our highest priority and we pride ourselves in our care and methods used to ensure that they remain in perfect condition – or at least how it was before you called us.

Our guarantee to you is that no bit of furniture is too big or too awkward to move, but if you do any queries about our furniture removal services please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01 861 2191.

If you are looking for a quick and easy quote, then simply fill out the short questionnaire on our Domestic Removal Quote and we’ll have an estimate for you in just a few minutes.

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